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Great vision enhances every aspect of life. This is why such a large life change can be created by such a minor modification to your cornea.
We can offer our patients the latest development in the area of refractive laser treatment, the so-called femtosecond-LASIK procedure. The precision of the treatment.
Individual reasons such as ability to wear contact lenses/spectacles as well as business and personal reasons are often of extreme importance.
At the end of treatment, we give you a short rest and the first post-procedural control is made after about 30 minutes.Dr Haug will explain how to use
In Lasik, a thin flap is created on the ornea. This flap is elevated to expose the middle part of the cornea. The excimer laser pattern is applied and the flap is laid back down
PRK surgery, the Excimer laser pattern is applied at the surface so the resulting cornea is stronger. It takes about four days for the surface to heal and eyes.


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